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Yesterday, some comments from anonymous scouts criticizing Robert Griffin III’s character went public. When Albert Breer of the NFL Network jumped into the conversation with these tweets, the backlash was instant and intense.

I’ve heard these rumblings too. RT @evansilva: Quotes from scouts on RG3: “He’s got a little bit of a selfish streak.” is.gd/P9pNuW

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) April 19, 2012

... Not that Griffin’s a bad guy, but that there is a bit of a sense of entitlement there, and perception is off.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) April 19, 2012

@Octotron Not exactly. Put it this way: Everyone down to ballboys & equipment guys at Auburn loved Cam. Not sure it was like that at Baylor.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) April 19, 2012

Breer went on 106.7 The Fan’s Mike Wise Show on Thursday to explain himself.

“I’m not saying that he’s a bad guy. I don’t want it out there that I said that,” Breer said. “But what it is is that, you know, he’s got a perfect image. Everything about him that’s been out there’s been great and, you know, talking to some execs and some scouts there’s some feeling about possibly there being a sense of entitlement there and also, you know, how he acts when the lights are off and when he’s not around people who can help him. All I’m telling you is what some scouts and execs have said, which is they question how he acts when the lights are off.”

The criticism of Griffin has compared him to Michael Vick and Cam Newton, but Breer sees another quarterback comparison that I’m not sure will make Redskins fans feel any better about all of this.

“Let’s remember that Mike Shanahan drafted Jay Cutler in 2006, who had issues that went way beyond this, from a personality standpoint, and he’s been able to harness him like nobody since has been able to,” Breer said. “Mike Shanahan likes that cocky type of quarterback, that guy who thinks it should revolve around him and that’s what Cutler is.

“I’m not saying that’s what Griffin is, but when you look at the list of things that I’ve heard about Griffin, you know when I say the sense of entitlement and you know, maybe a little of that mentality, you know, Cutler had that to a much bigger degree and there’s no question Shanahan was able to handle that and really got the most out of Jay Cutler. That’s why I don’t think it was a huge issue. He’ll be just fine in Washington.”

It’s unclear whether Breer has actually met Griffin in person.

Wise asked about the backlash from Baylor and Redskins fans, and apparently those in the DMV are already loyal to their potential future but still-not-drafted quarterback.

“The Baylor fans were pretty bad, but I can at least give them a pass because he did a lot of good down there. He took that football program to another level. I think the Redskins fans, I guess I’ve got to applaud their passion because he hasn’t taken a snap for the team yet and they’ve really gotten behind the kid pretty quickly.”

Here’s the audio clip: