Fans of the Redskins and the U.S. women’s national soccer team must be thrilled by the budding online friendship between DeAngelo Hall and Alex Morgan.

Witness this Twitter dialog from Wednesday night, in which Hall invites Morgan to attend a Redskins game, and the soccer player agrees.

@alexmorgan13 when do you guys head to London for olympic play? Hope all is good with you

— DeAngelo Hall (@Dhall23) April 18, 2012

@alexmorgan13 I’m just grinding hard trying to win games. It’s been a tough couple years for the Redskins fans trying to change the culture

— DeAngelo Hall (@Dhall23) April 19, 2012

@alexmorgan13 once you get back you have to promise Redskins Nation they will get to see you and some or your teammates at a game my treat?

— DeAngelo Hall (@Dhall23) April 19, 2012

@Dhall23 haha OK last time in DC for Mia’s soccer game short lived..I gotta experience DC a little more, that def includes a Redskins game.

— Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13) April 19, 2012

@alexmorgan13 sounds like a plan I’m going to hold you to it. Bout to get some rest I have 8am workouts trying to get on your Level lol

— DeAngelo Hall (@Dhall23) April 19, 2012