“Gillette and Alex both understand and respect the traditions of the game,” an Ovi representative told me then. “Alex isn’t superstitious by nature, and he hasn’t even thought about it. He just wants to make the playoffs, and he’ll decide once the playoffs start. If the team decides to do something, he certainly will be able to participate.”

Well, he apparently hasn’t addressed this issue with the media yet, but as NHL.com's Corey Masisak pointed out on Tuesday, Ovechkin’s split the difference by electing to grow a playoff goatee.

No big deal in late April, but this could be pretty interesting in early June.

(And no, this can’t touch the thing on Ryan Miller’s face, or even Brandon Dubinsky's mustache. Speaking of which, here's a .GIF starring Bruce Boudreau, with Dubinsky as Super Mario.)

In other news, as expected, Karl Alzner is already resembling a young Rasputin.