Alex Ovechkin has been in London to support his Olympian girlfriend, Maria Kirilenko (who just lost, 6-2, 6-3, to Maria Sharapova in this morning’s semifinal). Judging by his Twitter feed, the Caps star has had the time of his life.

He’s also made some new friends. Like Kobe Bryant...


And Serena Williams...


He also may have set an Olympic world record for most exclamation points used on a Twitter feed.

Me and Serena Williams!!!we gonna trade rackets and sticks!hahaha thanks u

— Alex Ovechkin (@ovi8) August 1, 2012

it was gr8 match Mariia!!!!yes!!!!!!!!Semi final!!!!Go Maria go.

— Alex Ovechkin (@ovi8) August 2, 2012

davay Rossia davay davay!!!rvite vo vsex vidax sporta!!!!!!!!!mi s vami!!!

— Alex Ovechkin (@ovi8) July 28, 2012


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