There were plenty of things to like about Alex Ovechkin’s return to the Caps after his brief injury-related work stoppage, but this video highlights the most memorable. First, Tuomo Ruutu takes out Dennis Wideman on a hit that was not penalized. Then, Ovechkin hits Ruutu. And hits him again. And again. And again. And again.

“Ovechkin definitely has 15 in the bull's-eye,” Joe Beninati said at one point. “Every time Ruutu’s been on the ice since that hit on Wideman, Ovechkin wants payback.”

“You give and you take,” Ruutu said via NBC Washington. “And I think the fans loved it.”

Sure, the repeated targeting of a player who seems to have injured a teammate is not unusual in the NHL. Just usually, the targeter is not a two-time MVP making his return from an injury of his own.