When Alex Trebek told WJLA’s Alex Parker that he is a longtime Redskins fan who can’t quit the team, I initially thought he was pandering to the Washington audience.

But a few moments later, Parker asked Trebek to predict the Redskins’ 2012 win total, and the ‘Jeopardy’ host said 12, which is the same number of wins every Redskins fan predicts for the team every April.

So, yup. He’s a Redskins fan.

Trebek is in town to tape Jeopardy’s ‘Power Players Week’ at DAR Constitution Hall; Parker got him talking about sports loyalty.

“I’m not a fair-weather friend,” Trebek said. “If things turn bad, I am not going to abandon you. I am still a Washington Redskins fan, since the days of Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen, and I still cheer for them. And I’m curious as all get-out as to who they’re going to pick with their No. 2 selection in the draft.”

Parker said it would probably be Robert Griffin III.

“I would think Indy is going to go for Luck because he’s more in keeping with the offense they have had over the years with Peyton Manning, whereas Griffin is not,” Trebek agreed. “But Griffin is going to be something special. He IS something special, because he is multi-talented, multi-faceted. He can pass, he can run, he can do a lot of things, and I think Washington is going to be very happy if they get him.”

Then Trebek, a Montreal Canadiens fan, said that Sidney Crosby is better than Ovechkin, and fair enough. And then he was asked when the Nats would make their playoff debut.

“What is 2012?” he replied, in ‘Jeopardy’ fashion. “I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt . . . It’s like Jeopardy, it feeds on itself. Success brings more success. You feel confident. You’re no longer the doorstop of the league. You say ’Hey, we’re pretty good, we’re in first place....I think the Nationals will be over .500.”

That’s the right Natitude, sir.