(james emmett/JAMES EMMETT)

Wale I understood, again because of D.C. Keane was slightly strange, but they had just been to D.C.

It got more confusing when the reppers were Nick Lachey and Kevin Durant’s abdomen, the former because I don’t get his Nats connection, the latter because it’s his dang abdomen.

But the new prize for “strangest Curly W sighting” unquestionably goes to Daniel Sartain-Clarke, an 18-year old alleged London looter who was evicted from his home and “charged with violent disorder and attempting to steal electronic goods from the Currys store at Clapham Junction,” according to the Daily Mail.

The story says that looters had targeted “sports shops such as Foot Locker and JD Sports,” though it’s unclear if this photo came from before or after the riots. Also unclear: if JD Sports sells Nats hats. Anyhow, the Curly W continues on its iconic path.

(Thanks to John Kelly for the tip.)