Five notes on Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s bracket, which was posted on Facebook this week.

1) I figured he’d favor all the Virginia teams, at least in the first round, but nothing is so simple. Mc­Don­nell took 8th-seeded George Mason, 9th-seeded Old Dominion and 12th-seeded Richmond each to win a game. He did not pick 16th-seeded Hampton. And he didn’t appear to choose a winner of the VCU-Southern Cal play-in game, but either way, he took Georgetown to advance. Evidently VCU grads do not make up a sizable voting bloc.

(NOTE: I’m told that Mc­Don­nell did indeed pick VCU over Southern Cal. So every feasible Virginia school gets one win in his bracket. Fair enough.)

2) He picked Duke to win it all. On the one hand, maybe this helps validate Virginia Tech’s signature win over the Devils — look, we beat the national champs! On the other hand, man, really, Duke?

3) His most notable upsets include Utah State to the Sweet 16, UCLA to the Elite Eight and all the 11 seeds (other than USC/VCU) into the second round.

4) He has Notre Dame — his alma mater -- losing in the national championship game, with Ohio State and Pitt as the other Final Four teams. That’s some admirable loyalty. Though, as a commenter below points out, you’re gonna have faith in your alma mater all the way to the final game, and then abandon ship? Just pick Mike Brey to win it all.

5) He wrote his name very neatly on the bottom of his bracket. Just to make sure you know who filled this one out.

In other news, Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to submit a bracket to The Post. He better have San Diego State winning it all.