After enduring an avalanche of criticism in the past seven years, and especially in the past year, and especially in the past month, and especially in the past 24 hours, Andray Blatche took the high road Tuesday during an interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller.

But he did so in an odd manner, appearing to admit that his effort was not what it could have been with the Wizards.

Miller asked Blatche what he wanted to tell the fans who had supported him in D.C.

“My message to them is I appreciate it, thank you, please continue to support me, I’m gonna need it,” Blatche said. “And for the fans that was booing me, I want to tell them I apologize for the effort, I guess, I gave out there that wasn’t enough. And last words I can say to both sides is bye and thank you.”

“Bye and thank you” isn’t the worst epigraph, I suppose. Or whatever the opposite of an epigraph is. Postscript?

Miller also asked Blatche where his 2011-2012 season went wrong, and Blatche cited the team’s season opener, when he announced his captaincy and then complained about his role in the offense.

“Probably that first game, that’s when everything started,” he said. “Everything started that first game and it just never went away. Everything just kept piling on and piling on. But I’m not looking at the past, I’m looking more toward what’s gonna happen to me next.

“You know, I’m excited I get another chance to go somewhere else and prove my talent and have fun, go back to playing the game without doubting myself and just relaxing, be fun and just to [have] fun playing the game I love to play. And hopefully I can get on another team somewhere and get to work .”

And Miller asked Blatche about his final phone conversation with Ernie Grunfeld.

“I mean, it was a straightforward conversation,” Blatche said. “A little emotional on my end, because he brought me in, he’s done everything for me. He’s been a great GM. At times I didn’t look at him as a GM; I looked at him more as a family member. Me and him talked a lot on the phone, he always tried to give me good advice and help me out. There’s no bad blood between me and him, at all.”


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