If you’ve long followed Andray Blatche’s Twitter feed, you’ve gotten a mixed bag of updates about the Wizards’ forward’s life. Many of the updates have not been of the sober and serious variety.

But since last week’s adventures in Lapdance Tuesday — which included the club tweet “Pullin up to cameo n a sec we bout to go hard n the paint” — I’ve noticed a different tone. In fact, in the nine days since Lapdance Tuesday, Blatche has authored 11 tweets that were not in reply to any readers. Five of them have concerned working out. “Bout to go hard in the paint” is no longer a club phrase. The full catalog:

* bout to head to the gym

* Jus got done workin out now time to go swimmin

* Man gotta love life

* Chillin on sobe

* Bout to head down to the gym

* I really love are new jerseys

* If u hate some body why is they always on ur mind hmmmmmmm

* I’m here to stay so hate it or love

* Well g nite I’m endin yal nite now yal really gonna be bored lol

* Headin to the gym

* bout to head to the gym n a few

That’s an awful lot of headin to the gym. And that goes over a lot better than club updates.

Also, Ted Leonsis publicly upbraided Blatche for his Lapdance Tuesday association. Via SB Nation DC:

“The Wizards being associated with that is unacceptable. We made sure we got that taken down. We’re not happy with that, and neither is he....Andray is a very gifted player, and we know this is a very important summer for him. He needs to come back and be in unbelievable shape with unbelievable determination, because he needs to prove he’s a really, really good player and that he can win. He gets it. The proof will be in the pudding, but he understands it.”

Anyhow, I can almost guarantee that within the next few days, Blatche will be bout to hit the gym.