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Andray Blatche says Wizards should now have swag

I’m not sure what Andray Blatche was supposed to say when a reporter asked him Tuesday night how the Wizards can carry forth some momentum from their first win of the season, but I wouldn’t have predicted this.

“We should have confidence and some kind of swag about ourselves,” Blatche replied. “We didn’t just win, we actually played well and we beat ‘em by 20, almost. And that’s something good to tip your hat on. That’s a team that beat a couple teams that we lost to. that means we’re improving.”

Many of the questions Blatche faced concerned coming off the bench; he handled many of them with aplomb. (And I have no idea why I’m suddenly so fascinated by this Wizards team. But I am.) Here are four of his responses, culled from CSN Washington videos:

* “In that situation we won, and we like it that way. As long as we got a win column on the list off a situation like that, why change it?”

* “Even if it costs me coming off the bench all season long, as long as we’re playing like that, I don’t have a problem doing that role. It’s all about winning and making steps, and tonight we definitely made a step.”

 * “Coming off the bench, there’s not that many scorers on the floor, so I’m one of the main guys that has to be aggressive for us.”

* “It’s fine to me. As long as we’re winning. I mean, if we’re not winning, then that’s when everything changes.”

This is your captain speaking.

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