The first few weeks of the Nats season have been confusing for radio listeners, with three separate games shipped off to the low-signal AM 1580 due to conflicts with the Wizards and Capitals. Adam Kilgore broke down all the details last week, reporting that the Nats realized there would be these conflicts when they named WJFK their flagship station, and that “once the broadcast contracts for other teams expire, the Nationals will attempt to renegotiate their standing.”

In the meantime, though, there were those awkward games that were hard to catch, plus potential conflicts with Redskins pre- and post-game shows in September. And this was all apparently too much for Andy Pollin, one of the most prominent voices at WJFK’s rival ESPN 980, who began criticizing the Nats’ radio deal inside the first minute of his Monday show.

“What’s with the Nationals’ radio broadcasts?” Pollin asked. “Seems to me you should find yourself a place to get your games on. Twice in the last five days I’ve looked for their games on the radio. Because they’ve made deals with stations that have conflicts with other teams, they’re not on. Can’t get the Nats.

“When I was in New York working for WFAN, the deal was that if one pitch of a Mets game was missed, they could take the contract and leave. They bumped everything. The Nationals are apparently in line behind everybody else. I couldn’t find their games on the radio.

“They probably should make a deal where they have a station that they can rely on. Like, the Orioles are here, and if there’s a conflict on 980, they’re on 570, one of two stations....I’m pointing out to the Nationals that they have people who want to listen to games on the radio.”

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