Remember when Michael Morse spiked a rosin bag on Jayson Werth during a recent walk-off win celebration on an infield grounder? Well, that wasn’t the first rosin-slam of the season.

“There is precedent!” Reader Chip accurately noted. “On 7/31, Jonny Gomes slammed the rosin bag on Ian Desmond’s head after a walk-off hit.”

Indeed, the pictures back up Chip’s claim. And what’s most fascinating about this? The Desmond hit in question was also an infield groundball, this one scoring Rick Ankiel. And in both rosinny celebrations, Gomes and Morse are close-in to the dust-cloud-raising action.

Is this a long-standing baseball tradition? A Nationals original? Something that will stick around? Something that will spread? Will I attempt to follow up as events warrant. Expect it.

See images below.