(Paul Sakuma/AP)

 Anthony Armstrong was on with the Junkies this morning and they asked him what he thought about it. He was more impressed with the house itself than with its tenant.  

 “I was really impressed at the fact that coach has a 30-something thousand square foot house with a bowling alley and a video golf driving range,” said Armstrong. “That’s a pretty nice spread he has out there. Maybe one day if I go out there to Denver I can get to stay there for a little bit.”

 Armstrong was then asked what the most impressive thing in his own house is.

 “The most impressive thing? Probably by how clean it is, you know. It stays pretty clean, you know. Not too messy. I don’t really do too much in there. I do have a video projector downstairs, which is pretty cool. My friend hooked me up when he got back from his deployment, so, maybe that’s it. I don’t know. I try to keep it plain, nothing too spectacular.”

 As far as why the house is so clean, one could reasonably assume that a man of Armstrong’s means might have a little help in that department. But not so. 

 “Aw, no. No cleaning service, man. There’s no need for me to pay somebody else to do something that I can do myself.”

 Words of wisdom. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to fire my cleaning lady and the kid who mows my lawn.