(Alex Brandon/AP)

“I told him to put a yellow jersey on because he’s got an AC second-degree separation,” Coach Mike Shanahan told the media following yesterday’s practice. “Anytime you want to go practice and get some drill work, yet if somebody hits it or bumps into it, even your own player or a coach, and that just reminds people that he’s off limits and kind of stay away from him.”

Armstrong didn’t mind the yellow, but thought it had too much blank space. So the Redskins receiver gave himself an identity.

“Just having a little fun y’know,” Armstrong explained to Redskins.com. “They put me in a special jersey and they didn’t have any numbers so I had to claim something. I figured I’d put a little question mark on there.”

There’s no good explanation for why it’s upside down.

Shanahan said he got a little chuckle out of it.

“I haven’t seen the question mark before,” he said. “I’ve got to admit that was something new.”

Armstrong isn’t the only player showing off punctuation mark gear. Leonard Hankerson has been seen rocking his own exclamation point themed t-shirt.

What’s next, quotation mark cleats? Hashtag socks?