[Randle El] will be working with the Big Ten Network in the fall as both a color analyst on the football field and in the studio....He will also work on BTN’s “The Next Level” and will assist with the Washington Redskins preseason games as an analyst.

He earned a degree in sports communication with a specialization in broadcasting, and did broadcast work with the Steelers, Redskins and NFL Network while he was playing.

Comcast SportsNet confirmed that Randle El will be one of the sideline reporters during the team’s preseason broadcasts, which have appeared on CSN in HD and on WRC in standard def in recent seasons. The sideline reporters have included a variety of names in recent years, including Doc Walker, Lindsay Czarniak, Kelli Johnson and, most memorably, Charles Mann.

The Times also noted that Randle El has continued to live in the D.C. area since leaving the Skins, which I didn’t know.

(Via @GaryRFitzgerald. First blogged by Hogs Haven.)