My good friends at Mister Irrelevant just posted an NFL Network screengrab, via @fatpickled, that shows the Redskins still in the NFC Playoff Picture.

Ridiculous, right? Outrageous. Preposterous. More laughable than a John Beck scoring drive. This is a team the world had consigned to 3-13 a week ago. Fans are arguing whether it’d be better for the Skins to just lose out and get a better draft pick, or maybe not even to take the field. Arguing passionately. Many claim they were upset when Washington won on Sunday. Imagine that.

But this all made me briefly think of 2007, when the team’s best defensive player was murdered, and their Hall of Fame coach blew their next game by calling consecutive timeouts to drop the team’s record to 5-7.

If you’re curious, this is what I believe the NFC wild card pictured looked like 12 weeks into that season.


1. N.Y. Giants 8-4

2t. Detroit 6-6

2t. Minnesota 6-6

2t. Arizona 6-6

5t. Washington 5-7

5t. Five others 5-7

We’re only through 11 games this season, and the Giants haven’t even gotten to 11 yet. But for fun, let’s assume that the Giants lose as expected on Monday night. Let’s also assume that every favored team wins next week, but that the Redskins somehow upset the Jets and the Texans beat the Falcons at home. Neither is implausible.

Then the NFC wild card picture would look something like this.


1. Chicago 8-4

2t. Atlanta 7-5

2t. Detroit 7-5

4. N.Y. Giants 6-6

5t. Washington 5-7

5t. Two others 5-7

I mean, you never know, right?


Ahem. Whatever.

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