Two different Wizards fans got in touch with me on Tuesday night, complaining that the numbers on the backs of the team’s new road uniforms were extremely hard to decipher on television, infinitely harder than the Sixers’ home whites.

Now, two is a pretty modest number of fans, but if there were two, I’m guessing there were more. And when fans other than the diehards start watching regular-season games next week, I’m guessing there will be even more.

I took these screen grabs below from Comcast SportsNet’s online highlights package. I think the fans might have a point. If nothing else, the AP image presented here pretty clearly shows that the Wizards suffered from a severe numerical size deficiency in Tuesday’s matchup.

Update: I’m told that the numbers on the Wizards jerseys are actually the maximum size, on both the front and the back. So the issue is with design and color scheme, not size.