Last week, Slate published an interesting piece debunking the stories that are already appearing about the supposedly disastrous effect the NBA lockout could have on local economies in NBA cities.

In D.C., though, the restaurant owners are doing the debunking themselves. At least two local TV stations have already attempted to do “What Will Happen to Chinatown Restaurant??!?!?!” pieces, and in both cases, the reaction was “meh.” Here’s the WTTG nugget:

On a random Tuesday afternoon, R.F.D. Pub is packed with convention center business. General Manager Ryan Bell says a Capitals lockout would be a different story.

“It makes or breaks us, so if it was Capitals, I'd be a little bit worried about our restaurant,” he says.

And here’s the WUSA nugget:

One restaurant owner said the Caps generate about $45,000 in added revenue on game night. It’s the same for the Georgetown Hoyas.

She said Wizards fans don’t spend as much, perhaps because the team is rebuilding and  doesn’t win as much, or draw the sellout crowds. 

Man, that’s weird.