(Luis Alvarez/AP)

Even including Corey O’Daniel from Gardner-Webb. Did you know he was on the Redskins? Because I sure didn’t.

Next up, though, is a better-known Redskin: wide receiver Anthony Armstrong. He told Fox 5’s Dave Ross that this team could potentially be good enough to etc. etc.

“I mean, would you want a team to sit here and say ‘Oh we’re not gonna win, we just plan on having a losing record and just staying here in January?’ ” Armstrong said, when the NFC East chatter was raised. “No. We have confidence in ourselves. Just because nobody else is really speaking about it doesn’t mean that [Rex Grossman is] so wrong for having confidence and speaking about it.

“So yeah, I think that we would have the ability to win the NFC East. We’ve just got to go out there and do it....We beat Philly up there at their place last year. A few pieces have changed. We were decently close, I can say, with New York. So I think that we’ve just got to go out there and basically execute our [game] plan and win.”