And so organizers evidently decided that the game — being held at FedEx Field for the first time — will actually be played in the District.

Like, this appears on the game’s official Web site:

FedExField is a state of the art football facility in the heart of the Capital Beltway in Washington DC.

And obviously, the official merchandise is rocking the “Washington DC” stuff pretty hard, as seen above.

(How about this for a merchandise nugget: a 6-inch mini Army-Navy football costs $9 on the game’s Web site, but $15 on the Redskins’ Web site.)

Then there’s the matchup t-shirt seen below, which suggests that this is “America’s Game in America’s Capitol.” Combined with the image of the Capitol Building in the background, and the fact that Capital isn’t Capitol, maybe this game is actually going to be played on the Hill?

Where could this be coming from?

“Dan, the Army-Navy game coming to Washington, D.C. at FedEx Field, and it has never been here before,” Larry Michael asked Dan Snyder this week. “Are you excited about it?”

“We’re humbled,” Snyder said. “It’s a humbling experience to host it. It’s an honor, it’s tradition, 110 years. It’s never been here before. To have a backdrop of the Pentagon, to have the Capitol here, to really bring this to the Nation’s Capital, and have the Naval Academy and us hosting this here on behalf of FedEx and the Redskins is just a humbling experience.”