In terms of the rankings, George Mason hopped over VCU into fourth, and American hopped over Norfolk State into ninth. Loyola’s blowout loss at Marist cost the Greyhounds two spots.

Also, as things stand now, if regular-season seedings hold up, our area is likely to send just three teams to the NCAA tournament. That’s unfortunate. Of course, Norfolk State could go on a run to redeem us all.

The Hoyas are now the only program ranked in both polls, at No. 9 in the AP poll and No. 8 in the coaches’ poll. Virginia is No. 25 in the AP poll and the equivalent of No. 26 in the coaches’ poll. VCU got a single AP vote, and two voting points in the coaches’ poll.

In RPI matters, Georgetown — at No. 12 — and Virginia — at No. 42 — are the only top 50 programs. After that, we have VCU (70th), George Mason (83rd), Loyola (93rd) and Maryland (95th). That’s not a local bubble; it’s a piece of damp cardboard.

Local rankings and wry comments below.

1. Georgetown (20-5) 327 (30)

Next: Tuesday at Seton Hall, Saturday vs. Villanova.

In response to Maryland’s threats never to play the Hoyas in any sport, Georgetown threatens to close down the Jetties in Bethesda. Your move, Kevin Anderson. (Jamie Jones)

The blue bowtie and suit ensemble that Providence coach Ed Cooley donned on Saturday against the Hoyas shall henceforth be known as the Friar Tux. (John Albers)

Otto Porter is the best player in the Big East who shares a name with a Simpsons character (hoping I didn’t miss any Barts, Krustys, Neds, or Apus when I scanned the rosters). (Markus Videnieks)

Hoyas don’t want to play Maryland because it would ruin their RPI. (Chris Olson)

The field hockey team will have to make up for $50 in lost revenue after losing the home-and-home series with Maryland. (Larry Cuppy)

The only team in the Atlantic 11 with a legit shot to do damage in the tourney. And this is the Hoyas we’re talking about. God help us. (Zach Varnauskas)

2. Virginia (20-6) 296 (3)

Next: Tuesday at No. 7 Virginia Tech, Saturday vs. North Carolina.

Since Randy Edsall said, “Here at Maryland, we don't lose to Virginia,” all the Terps have done in football and men's basketball is lose to Virginia. But at least Edsall wasn’t wearing a hat indoors when he said it. (David Storm)

Tony Bennett’s players are struggling down the stretch; best to give them five minutes to rest their chops and run the tune again from the top. (Andy Minor)

In light of the power outages in Charlottesville caused by this weekend’s snow storm, how are Virginia students supposed to iron their khakis? (John Albers)

In New York, it’s Linsanity. In Charlottesville, it’s Scottcitement. (Sean McLernon)

3. George Mason (23-6) 259

Next: Wednesday at Northeastern, Saturday at No. 4 VCU.

Great win over VCU at the buzzer, but why would the Rams want to finish first in the CAA anyway? Those teams are never the ones that make it to the Final Four. (Sean McLernon)

Paul Hewett frantically looking for the bracket he busted with GMU's win over Lamar. (Andy Minor)

Nothing to fear but the beard itself. (John Albers)

Lamar's limp-wristed throwing style might work within the confines of Adams College, but not in the CAA. (Markus Videnieks)

Made Shaka Smart look like Shaka Average with that buzzer-beater. (Kyle Minor)


Next: Wednesday at UNC Wilmington, Saturday vs. No. 3 George Mason.

Nice BracketBuster win over UNI, which used to be called UNMe before my mom corrected their grammar. (Markus Videnieks)

The look on Shaka Smart’s face after that George Mason last-second shot said it all. He definitely knew they were going to drop a spot in the Atlantic 11. (Zach Varnauskas)

Instead of playing a yearly BracketBuster game, I petition the CAA to just let GMU and VCU play each other 14 times. At least it would fix their RPI problems. (Jamie Jones)

5. Maryland (15-11) 156

Next: Tuesday vs. Miami, Saturday at Georgia Tech.

Based on the effort against Virginia on Saturday, it appears all the basketball players have transferred as well. (John Albers)

Randy Edsall leads the football team to a respectable 13-point second half against Virginia. (Jimmy Gronkey)

Outscored by 27 points in the second half on Saturday. That’s about one point for every football player who’s transferred. (Jamie Jones)

Public service announcement from a Maryland fan: Hey, idiots, stop sending tweets to Terrell Stoglin telling him that he's the best player in college ball. Damon Stoudemire without point guard skills equals D League, not first rounder. (Markus Videnieks)

MISS ALL THE SHOTS! (Max Wasserman)

6. Old Dominion (18-11) 141

Next: Wednesday at Georgia State, Saturday vs. Drexel.

Monarchs travel to Georgia State to face the Panthers Wednesday on Lefty Driesell Court, which I imagine is inside of a glass house. (John Albers)

Undefeated in 2012 against teams that have never made it to the Final Four. (Jake Leffler)

ODU won by keeping Missouri State’s Michael Bizoukas from being his explosive self. (Markus Videnieks)

New Life Goal: Make buddy cop movie starring Kent Bazemore and Todd Bozeman. (Max Wasserman)

(Steven Cannon/AP)

Next: Tuesday vs. No. 2 Virginia, Saturday at Duke.

Hokies continue to find new, stunning ways to lose heartbreaking contests. Romney campaign vetting roster and coaching staff for possible new staffers. (J.P. Finlay)

Beat Georgia Tech, whose leading scorer Glen Rice Jr. was suspended for unspecified reasons. Maybe he cut out of practice last weekend to see Sarah Palin at the CPAC Conference. You know, just because. (Markus Videnieks)

The difference this year is that the false hope raised by a buzzer-beating three deludes supporters into thinking that they might make the NIT as opposed to the NCAA. The disappointment about being left off, however, will be eerily similar. (Jake Leffler)

8. Loyola (20-7) 114

Next: Friday at Rider, Sunday at Manhattan.

They now have the most wins for a season in school history. I will tune in to ESPN to learn how that statistic relates to Jeremy Lin. (Markus Videnieks)

Jimmy Patsos still looks like the dad from “The Wonder Years.” (John Albers)

The Greyhounds are a threat to pass the Terrapins in this race. Sounds like a nice children’s story. (Zach Varnauskas)

I’m considering giving Loyola the “Atlantic 11” correction of a No. 3 ranking boost to counter those who will never vote them higher than UMD and VT. (Adam Moore)

Losing by 18 to the Red Foxes is crazy. Crazy like a...oh shoot, what's that animal again? (Max Wasserman)

Is it just me, or whenever someone says “BracketBuster” do you think of the Doozers in Fraggle Rock, just creating their super structures only to have them later busted apart and consumed by the hungry Fraggles? Just me? Ok. (Jamie Jones)

9. American (18-9) 57

Next: Thursday vs. Bucknell, Saturday vs. Lafayette.

Hey Richmond: the No. 2 team in the MEAC, the No. 2 team in the MAAC, and the No. 3 team the Patriot League are all ranked ahead of you. (Markus Videnieks)

With season-sweep of Army and Navy, proved that no matter which branch of the military shows up, America[n] wins every time. (Andy Minor)

After beating Navy by 22 and Army by 24, Eagles Coach Jeff Jones might want to keep a low profile this week. (John Albers)

Beat Army and Navy last week. Those new things in the sky far above Tenleytown aren’t planes, they’re drones. (Markus Videnieks)

10. Norfolk State (18-9) 47

Next: Saturday at Bethune-Cookman.

At least both their losses to Delaware State were tax-free. (Max Wasserman)

Spartans guard Pendarvis Williams attended the Hun School, where he studied pillaging. (John Albers)

Kyle O’Quinn is making a strong case to win the MEAC Defensive Player of the Year award for the second straight season, which would be quite an O’ccomplishment. (Sean McLernon)

11. Richmond (14-14) 29

Next: Wednesday at St. Joseph’s, Saturday at Xavier.

Let's just call this poll the Atlantic 10 and get the lawsuit over with just so we don't have to include Richmond every week. (Max Wasserman)

Karl Hess is on the verge of ejecting the Spiders from the Atlantic 11 poll. (John Albers)

It’s like they are openly daring the voters to kick them out of the poll with their stubborn refusal to go above .500. (Jake Leffler)

Also receiving votes: George Washington 10, William & Mary 5, James Madison 4, Coppin State 3, Radford 3, Liberty 1, UMBC 1, Mount St. Mary’s 1, Towson 1.