Speaking of local and college basketball, I’ll be helping to lead some sort of discussion about the NCAA tournament at the 6th and I Synagogue on March 12. See here. The only saving grace for all of us is that alcohol appears to be involved.

As for the results here, VCU passes George Mason again to move into third. That’s about all that happened. The greater D.C. area still seems likely to send three or possibly four teams to the tournament, although that number could shrink if Drexel wins the CAA and American, Loyola and Norfolk State all fall short in their conference tourneys.

The Hoyas remain the only program ranked in both polls, at No. 11 in the AP poll and No. 12 in the coaches’ poll. Virginia is No. 24 in the AP poll and the equivalent of No. 27 in the coaches’ poll. VCU got nine voting points in the AP, and one vote in the coaches’ poll.

In RPI matters, Georgetown — at No. 9 — and Virginia — at No. 38 — are the only top 50 programs. After that, we have VCU (61st), George Mason (82nd) and Loyola (84th). Yes, Loyola is in the top 100 and two local ACC programs are not.

Local rankings and wry comments below.

1. Georgetown (22-6) 336 (31)

Next: Saturday at Marquette.

You have to wonder what other sports St. Leo’s is refusing to play the Hoyas in. (John Albers)

I had a funny joke teed up here, but Billy Crystal re-wrote it. (Markus Videnieks)

After getting blown out by Seton Hall, the Hoyas are well prepped for their eventual defeat to a 14 seed. (Max Wasserman)

(Andrew Shurtleff/AP)

Next: Thursday vs. Florida State, Sunday at Maryland.

Tony Bennett’s style is so conservative that a Santorum/UVA basketball ticket is polling at 30 percent amongst evangelicals. (Markus Videnieks)

Flushed in the John by the Tar Heels. I’ve always wanted to have a forum in which that would be printable. (Kyle Minor)

Mike Scott was 3-for-13 against North Carolina, giving him a better percentage than Meryl Streep. (Max Wasserman)

I think I’d rather have an intrusive ultrasound than ever watch Virginia play Wisconsin in basketball. (John Albers)

3. VCU (25-6) 280 (2)

Next: Saturday, CAA quarterfinal vs. Northeastern-William & Mary winner.

Took a cue from the legislators down the street and stuck it to George Mason like a trans-vaginal ultrasound. (Chris Olson)

When one of the top teams in this poll is on the bubble for the tournament -- and it’s not Va. Tech -- you have to wonder about the state of college basketball in the DMV. (Ivan Snyder)

The best team in the Atlantic 11 might not even make the NCAA tournament and Richmond is still ranked in this poll. Can we have a do-over? (Markus Videnieks)

I spend so much time looking at Drexel’s RPI I feel like I should be able to write them into this poll. (Jake Leffler)

4. George Mason (23-8) 233

Next: Saturday, CAA quarterfinal vs. Georgia State-Hofstra winner.

Paul Hewitt’s former team beat a Maryland team with Gary Williams’ former players, and Jim Larranaga’s current team lost to a Maryland team with Gary Williams’ former players. All in the same week. I also hear that Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy and Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln. (Ivan Snyder)

Congratulations to the Patriots on making it through the entire season without playing a ranked team. (Chris Olson)

Patriots warmed up during Bradford Burgess’ senior ceremony before the game. VCU fans called it classless, but after how bad Mason played, they at least admitted it was necessary. (Andy Minor)

5. Maryland (16-12) 180

Next: Wednesday at North Carolina, Sunday vs. Virginia.

After loss to Georgia Tech, AD Kevin Anderson announces that his teams will no longer play any school whose name starts with Georg. (Danny Cole)

Debbie Yow was trying to send Georgetown the same message for years, but the game of telephone between her and Gary kept screwing up the message. (Jimmy Gronkey)

Given the university’s firm stance against tampering, it’s a good thing Mark Turgeon did nothing to interfere with Georgia Tech’s comeback victory on Saturday. (Chris Olson)

The Terps should get royalty checks anytime the phrase “second half drought” is mentioned on TV or in print. (Markus Videnieks)

Two-game winning streaks were sooooooo Gary Williams. (Kyle Minor)

With an 0-for-8 performance, Ashton Pankey earned the ignominious double golden sombrero. (John Albers)

6. Old Dominion (19-12) 167

Next: Saturday, CAA quarterfinal vs. Delaware-Towson winner.

If you’re looking for Blaine Taylor during the first day of the CAA tournament, he’ll be breaking out his thong and sitting by the pool. So, in other words, don’t look for Blaine Taylor during the first day of the CAA tournament. (John Albers)

Is it ODU’s turn to be the CAA squad to receive a surprising at-large bid that elicits a vitriolic response from TV analysts and then subsequently propels them to the Final Four? (Sean McLernon)

This poll is likely to send more teams to the NIT than the NCAA. Sorry, I guess this isn’t a joke; just sad reality. (J.P. Finlay)

7. Virginia Tech (15-14) 136

Next: Thursday at Clemson, Sunday vs. N.C. State.

Last five games decided by 10 points total. With Barksdale getting more minutes, it’s no surprise their games go down to the Wire. (Chris Olson)

Getting blown out would be a refreshing change of pace for them. (Max Wasserman)

Taking Duke to overtime and losing is like winning five Oscars in categories nobody cares about. Congrats and all, but it’s still just a movie about a kid fixing a robot (and/or a below-average basketball team). (Jake Leffler)

One more loss and they’ll be the other Atlantic 11 team getting votes at .500. Richmond fans are on the edge of their seats. (Andy Minor)

Losing to Duke in overtime won’t impress the NIT selection committee. (Ivan Snyder)

It could be worse Hokies fans: you could have Brad Greenberg as your coach. (John Albers)

Missed free throws hampered Virginia Tech in an overtime loss to Duke, which you could blame on the distracting force of the crowd at Cameron Indoor, but let’s not, because they’re already full of themselves enough as is. (Sean McLernon)

8. Loyola (21-8) 102

Next: Thursday, MAAC quarterfinal vs. Niagara-Canisius winner.

You down with CIT? Yeah you know me! (Markus Videnieks)

9. Norfolk State (21-9) 53

Next: Thursday at North Carolina A&T.

Fun Fact: Most random number generators are built on the outcomes of MEAC tournaments. (Max Wasserman)

One of only two ranked teams to win twice last week. The MEAC will soon inherit the earth (or at least the A-11). (Ivan Snyder)

The MEAC season just isn’t as interesting when the coaches aren’t involved in sandwich ordering-related incidents. (John Albers)

They beat Longwood! And if Steinberg publishes this comment it means Longwood will appear in the Atlantic 11 poll for the first three times this season. Longwood! (Chris Olson)

10. American (19-10) 46

Next: Wednesday, Patriot League quarterfinal vs. Army.

I usually like to try and shoehorn in some Oscars jokes right after the awards, but unfortunately all the American films lost to a perfectly nice French movie that nobody saw. This would have set up an excellent metaphor if only American had lost to Lafayette last week. (Jake Leffler)

Why hasn’t anyone bothered to ask Lefty Driesell what he thinks of Gary Williams induction in to the AU Hall of Fame? (John Albers)

AU must either stop Army’s leading scorer, Ella Ellis, or continue conjugating whatever language’s personal pronouns his name is based off of. (Markus Videnieks)

The second-best team in the city. Hey, maybe American will agree to play Maryland every year! (Ivan Snyder)

11. Richmond (15-15) 17

Next: Wednesday vs. Dayton.

Although this is the Atlantic 11 poll, each of us is only allowed to vote for 10 teams. Translation: Nobody could vote for Richmond and they’d still be in this spot by default. (Max Wasserman)

Unless the Spiders maintain their current level of play, they are in danger of losing their eleventh spot in the Atlantic-11 . . . ah, who am I kidding? (John Albers)

Also receiving votes: VMI 5, Morgan State 4, Towson 4, William & Mary 4, George Washington 2, Navy 2, Coppin State 1, Md.-Eastern Shore 1, Mount St. Mary’s 1, Virginia Wesleyan 1.