Really spiking toward the end of the season here, guys. New No. 1 George Mason bowed out after just one CAA tournament win. Previous No. 1 Georgetown is plummeting. Virginia Tech couldn’t handle success. And so....Richmond? Old Dominion? VCU?

Nope, we’re sticking with Mason for one more week. The winning streak is over, but in a week with no clear-cut top team, the Patriots get the benefit of the doubt. They were one of four teams to receive No. 1 votes, and all four have strong claims both to the top spot here and to NCAA tournament bids.

In the rest of this jumbled week, Old Dominion jumped Georgetown to become No. 2, VCU moved up from No. 7 to No. 4, Virginia Tech fell a couple spots to No. 6, Virginia moved up a couple spots to No. 8, Hampton re-entered the rankings at No. 10, and American fell out.

Nationally, Georgetown is 22nd in both major polls, and is again the only local team ranked. George Mason is 32nd in both polls, while Old Dominion is 33rd in the AP poll and VCU got three voting points.

Georgetown’s official NCAA RPI drops three more slots to No. 11, but is still easily the area’s best. Then comes Old Dominion (24th), George Mason (27th), VCU (49th), Richmond (55th), Virginia Tech (64th), James Madison (89th) and Maryland (98th). Yes, the best ACC school in the area is behind four mid-majors in RPI.

Here are this week’s results, followed by overall record, overall points, first-place votes and impeccable wit.

1. George Mason (26-6) 288 (14)

Next: Postseason tournament TBD.

--The loss to VCU means that Charlie Sheen now has the nation’s longest winning streak. (Markus Videnieks)

--Don’t blame me. I would have started with No. 4 and left 1-3 blank after last weekend. (David Storm)

--Does the band know how to play the sad trombone? (Max Wasserman)

--Turnovers, sloppy fouls, poor free throw shooting and no CAA Tournament title, but at least now Ryan Pearson can cut his hair. (Sean McLernon)

--The next time Andre Cornelius feels like providing bulletin board material for his opponents, might I suggest a pretty finger painting. (John Albers)

2. Old Dominion (26-6) 269 (7)

Next: Postseason tournament TBD.

--If your conference tournament sponsor almost has too many characters for a tweet, you might be a mid-major. (Markus Videnieks)

--Writing a congratulatory joke for ODU and VCU before we know the result of the CAA Tournament final is the definition of bi-winning. (Max Wasserman)

--I think Blaine Taylor’s mustache has a mustache. (John Albers)

3. Georgetown (21-9) 268 (9)

Next: Wednesday, Big East Tournament second-round vs. TBD.

--Like an old person on the beltway, Hoyas barely capable of cracking 50. Also, left turn signal has been on for the past three miles. (John Albers)

--The Big East will get 11 teams in the tournament this year. The conference decided it is tired of pretending like it’s not bitchin’, a total rock star from Mars. (Max Wasserman)

--Is Chris Wright the only Hoya with tiger blood? (Gavin Weiss)

--Got swept by Cincinnati. Who do they think they are, the Browns? (Markus Videnieks)

--Highest RPI in the area, most quality wins in the area, only team with no losses outside the top 50 of the RPI. Mason had their moment and that’s cute and all, but Georgetown even without Chris Wright is better than any team in the area. (Peter Keszler)

--Let’s just pretend the last two weeks didn’t happen and skip straight to beating some SEC team in the NCAA tournament’s first round. (Jamie Jones)

4. VCU (23-10) 209

Next: Postseason tournament TBD.

--Congratulations to the Rams on winning the CAA Tournament. Also, bad luck losing in the final to Old Dominion. There’s always next year, unless it’s this year. (Thanks, early deadlines!) (Max Wasserman)

5. Richmond (24-7) 201 (2)

Next: Friday, Atlantic 10 quarterfinal vs. TBD.

--Won 11 of their last 13 games and their team logo looks like a poison warning. What more could the selection committee want? (Sean McLernon)

--I think it is a bit of a stretch to dub a mascot concept that involves a six foot tall spider as “Realistic.” (John Albers)

--At least Richmond is, duh, winning! (Ivan Snyder)

6. Virginia Tech (19-10) 147

Next: Thursday, ACC first-round vs. Georgia Tech.

--I’m now convinced they do this on purpose. (Max Wasserman)

--In a new approach this year, Seth Greenberg is hoping to ensure his team’s NCAA fate before Selection Sunday. (Jamie Jones)

--Harvard has a stronger tournament resume than Virginia Tech. Not a joke, just saying. (Michael Schenck)

--Seth Greenberg, October 2010: “Our goal this season is to make sure the NCAA committee doesn’t have any doubts about whether we belong or not. We don’t want to be on the bubble again.” Fait Accompli, Coach! (Tim O’Kane)

--Apparently the Hokies decided to give up the NCAA tournament for Lent. (John Albers)

--Not only am I tired of writing “Tech is 69th” pith, I’m actually tired of writing pith about how tired of the pith I am. The whole thing is entirely too meta. (Jake Leffler)

7. Maryland (18-13) 99

Next: Thursday, ACC first-round vs. N.C. State.

--Went from NCAA bubble to NIT bubble in six days. I’m not Joe Lunardi, but I think that’s a record. (Brendan Darr)

--The Virginia Tech of the NIT. (Jake Leffler)

--Terps didn’t want to be invited to your stupid “Big Dance” anyway. (John Albers)

--You’re right, little Timmy. The ACC is the CAA spelled backwards. Sort of. (Adam Anthony)

--The only thing worse than losing to Wake Forest is losing to a team that lost to Wake Forest. Okay, that’s not true, but it’s still really bad. (Max Wasserman)

--It’s springtime in College Park--a time for the flowers to bloom, the bird to sing, trees to blossom, and Maryland fans to complain about Gary Williams. (Ivan Snyder)

8. Virginia (16-14) 86

Next: Thursday, ACC first-round vs. Miami.

--The Cavaliers now have the same ACC record as Maryland. Mediocrity loves company. (Sean McLernon)

--Not a lot of suspense in Charlottesville surrounding the announcement of the All-ACC team. (John Albers)

9. James Madison (21-11) 53

Next: Postseason tournament TBD.

--Look for the Dukes in an upcoming episode of “CBI: Harrisonburg.” (John Albers)

--The Atlantic 11: Where losing to a 10-22 William & Mary in the CAA tournament is just a “pretty bad” loss. (Gavin Weiss)

--Humpty Hitchens and the Dukes made me stop what I was doin’ because they were about to ruin the image and the style that I’m used losing to William & Mary. (Markus Videnieks)

10. Hampton (21-8) 33

Next: Wednesday, MEAC quarterfinal vs. TBD.

--Late-season collapse has hurt their bid to become the fifth team in the area to make the tournament. Seth Greenberg knows how you feel, guys. (Brendan Darr)

11. George Washington (17-13) 31

Next: Tuesday, Atlantic 10 first-round vs. St. Joseph’s.

--Finished higher in the Atlantic 10 than the Atlantic 11. (Markus Videnieks)

Also receiving votes: American 30, William & Mary 9, Liberty 2, Mount St. Mary’s 1, VMI 1.