(Nick Wass/AP)

(Votes were cast on Monday before the Hoyas lost to Kansas, I should note.)

In actual changes, Virginia Tech jumped up from No. 4 to No. 2, and is now the only team in the area yet to lose. Richmond was the week’s biggest mover, from No. 8 to No. 4. VCU went in the other direction, going from No. 3 to No. 7. And a hearty congrats to Norfolk State, which I believe appears in this space for the first time in Atlantic 11 history. The Spartans replaced Hampton, which fell out of the MEAC’s dedicated slot.

This is also shaping up as potentially one of the least impressive local college basketball seasons ever. In this week’s AP poll, Georgetown received a total of 2 points, the only for any local team. (Both points came from Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News, who ranked Georgetown 24th.) Things were slightly better in the coaches’ poll, where George Mason got 10 points and Virginia 2. This was after Mason had already lost to both Florida International and Florida Atlantic, by the way.

Anyhow, here are this week’s results, followed by overall record, overall points, first-place votes and impeccable wit. All Jerry Sandusky submissions were omitted out of taste, such as it is.

1. Georgetown (2-1) 456 (36)

Next: Tuesday vs. Chaminade.

Wins over Savannah State and UNC-Greensboro part of "Georgetown Cupcake"-sponsored portion of the schedule. (Ivan Snyder)

Being voted No. 1 here is kind of like leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination. It's better than not being No. 1, but you'd rather not be associated with any of the other names that follow. (Gavin Weiss)

Oh how I am looking forward to the dichotomy between the JTIII scowl and a bright Hawaiian shirt! (Markus Videnieks)

2. Virginia Tech (3-0) 369 (7)

Next: Wednesday at Syracuse, Sunday vs. St. Bonaventure.

And with that we’ve exhausted the supply of undefeated A-11 eligible teams. Time to expand — look, Weber State is 3-0, lets invite them! (Markus Videnieks)

It's not even Thanksgiving and I am already trying to come up with [Tyrone] Garland pith. (John Albers)

They play Syracuse on Wednesday. A quality opponent before league play. Odd. (The Alex Len Bias)

3. Virginia (4-1) 339 (2)

Next: Friday vs. Green Bay.

I don't know what Paradise Jam is, but it sounds delicious. (John Albers)

Maintains historical level of success in tournaments held on an island. (Adam Moore) Mike Scott has vowed to not cut his hair until the Hoos make the NCAA. After Friday's loss to TCU, Rip Van Winkle may not be far away. (Jamie Jones)

4. Richmond (3-1) 225

Next: Tuesday at Illinois.

When the Spiders have Darien Brothers and Francis-Cedric Martel on the court, is that a full starting five? (Gavin Weiss)

Is it me or do Darien Brothers and Will Sparrow sound like characters that lived with Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest? (Ivan Snyder)

5. Old Dominion (3-2) 210 (1)

Next: Wednesday vs. Vermont.

The ESPN.com headline from the Kentucky loss calls the Monarchs "Ole Dominion". Between that and Blaine Taylor losing the mustache, they really are classing that joint up. (Markus Videnieks)

Think I might start “Butterflies that look like Blaine Taylor” in response to “Cats that look like Ron Swanson.” (Devin Perry)

Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, it's a lonely Movember for Blaine Taylor's mustache. (John Albers)

6. George Mason (3-2) 196

Next: Tuesday vs. Albany.

Three out of four games have gone to overtime. Do you get a point for OT losses? (The Alex Len Bias)

If Mason plays a school from Florida that goes by an acronym (FIU, FAU), they will lose. Proven fact. Hope they don't have USF on the schedule. Or UCF. (Gheorghe: The Blog)

I think we'd all agree the 7 pm tip-off against Florida Atlantic was a little late for the Boca Raton crowd. (John Albers)

7. VCU (2-2) 168 (1)

Next: Wednesday at Western Kentucky, Sunday at Alabama.

The CAA is looking so weak that even Virginia Tech football won't consider them for non-conference games. (Jake Leffler)

After beating Western Kentucky in the finals of the Charleston Classic Sunday, they take on the Hilltoppers again on Wednesday, presumably wearing fake mustaches and being called the Eastern Kentucky Billmoppers. (Gavin Weiss)

Call it a Final Four hangover. On a related note, the #HalfBid4CAA hashtag has been born. (Gheorghe: The Blog)

8. Maryland (2-2) 154

Next: Friday vs. Fla. Gulf Coast.

Hey, at least the Terps' 26 percent shooting against Alabama is higher than Congress' approval rating. (Chris Olson)

Still not as bad as football…. (Jamie Jones)

Hey, at least Randy Edsall hasn’t lost outside the contiguous United States. (Gavin Weiss)

Turning the ball over at a Grossman-like pace. (John Albers)

9. George Washington (2-1) 105

Next: Tuesday vs. Austin Peay, Wednesday vs. Bowling Green.

The Colonials were off this week, which means they did not lose. If only the Redskins had more weeks like that. (Gavin Weiss)

10. Norfolk State (3-2) 72

Next:.Sunday vs. Eastern Kentucky.

Spartans bandwagon more like a unicycle at this point. (John Albers)

This isn’t a vote for Norfolk State; it’s a vote against Bruiser Flint. (Andy Minor)

Marquette hopes that two wins against "The Spartans" will confuse the Selection Committee in March and get them off the bubble. (Markus Videnieks)

11. James Madison (1-1) 55

Next: Tuesday vs. Robert Morris, Friday at Rider, Saturday at Penn.

Takes on Robert Morris this week in a classic battle of "4th President versus guy who did that thing that one time that nobody remembers.” (Gavin Weiss)

Also receiving votes: Loyola 50, VMI 43, American 37, Radford 17, William & Mary 12, Navy 11, Md.-Eastern Shore 10, Towson 9, Coppin State 8, Mount St. Mary’s 5, Morgan State 3, Howard 2, Hampton 1.