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After the Hoyas, we have some minor changes. Virginia moves up a spot to second, with the Cavs even getting some first-place nods. Richmond takes third, and Virginia Tech falls to fourth. Old Dominion falls from No. 5 to No. 8, and American re-enters the rankings at No. 9, and Norfolk State falls out entirely. No MEAC teams this week.

The national rankings have a D.C. flavor again, with Georgetown at No. 18 in the AP and No. 21 in the coaches’ poll. Virginia is 30th in the AP, but only got four votes in the coaches’ poll, while Mason gets a single coach’s vote.

Anyhow, here are this week’s results, followed by overall record, overall points, first-place votes and impeccable wit.

1. Georgetown (7-1) 482 (43)

Next: Saturday vs. Howard.

The Hoyas narrowly defeated highly-ranked Alabama last week; SEC fans already screaming for a rematch in the NCAA finals. (Gavin Weiss)

The upset win over Alabama was nice, but it was undoubtedly the thrashing of St. Leo’s... err, New Jersey Institute of Technology... that helped vault the Hoyas into the Top 25 for the first time this year. (Ali Mohamadi)

The New Jersey Institute of Technology sounds like an oxymoron. (John Albers)

Beat up on the New Jersey Institute of Technology over the weekend, but to be fair, most of the Highlanders spent the entire game fist pumping. (Chris Bocquet)

2. Virginia (7-1) 409 (5)

Next: Tuesday vs. No. 6 George Mason.

If Ken Cuccinelli wins the race for Governor, the Cavs’ defense will no longer be the state’s stingiest public institution. (Chris Olson)

Cavs have yet to allow an opponent to score 60 points this year. They are the LSU defense of NCAA hoops. However, Tony Bennett doesn’t eat grass. (J. Jones)

Doug Browman is going to have to average more than 1.3 points per game before I develop a full-fledged Browmance. (John Albers)

3. Richmond (6-2) 300

Next: Friday at No. 5 VCU.

Recently beat Wake Forest, which had recently beaten Nebraska, which proves that Nebraska is awful at basketball. (Chris Bocquet)

4. Virginia Tech (5-3) 288 (1)

Next: Wednesday at Rhode Island, Sunday vs. Norfolk State.

While Virginia Tech basketball gets punished for not having any wins over ranked opponents, the Hokies football team gets rewarded for it. (Jake Leffler)

Not quite sure how they lost to Kansas State. The football team would never... nevermind. (J. Jones)

Third-place finish in the preseason NIT will help the Hokies’ seeding when the NIT selection committee draws up their postseason tournament bracket. (Mike Steele)

5. VCU (5-3) 248

Next: Friday vs. No. 3 Richmond.

If my name were Darius Theus, I would wear a lot of togas. (John Albers)

6. George Mason (6-2) 236

Next: Tuesday at No. 2 Virginia, Saturday at Radford.

According to Just for Men, the Patriots’ Ryan Pearson is now the 1 millionth person to have a “Fear the Beard” campaign. So congratulations to Mr. Pearson, enjoy your brush-in color gel. (John Albers)

7. Maryland (4-3) 215

Next: Wednesday vs. Mount St. Mary’s.

Over/Under at the end of the season: Maryland scholarship basketball or football players? (J. Jones)

If Albert Haynesworth were sitting on the rim Terrell Stoglin would still take the shot. (Devin Perry)

Maryland walk-on Spencer Barks’ bio states he “pretended to be Shaquille O’Neal as a kid.” Barks is white and went to St. Albans. Kid has a hell of an imagination. Oh, he went 0 for 1 in shots versus Notre Dame. (JDP)

8. Old Dominion (5-3) 154

Next: Friday at Fairfield.

I bet Blaine Taylor and Blaine Taylor’s mustache both sang “Somewhere Out There” while staring at the moon last night. (Devin Perry)

9. American (7-2) 130

Next: Wednesday vs. Hampton, Saturday at St. Francis.

Eagles have seven times more wins in the past month than the Redskins. My guess is probably fewer turnovers, too. (Gavin Weiss)

With the retirement of Gary Williams, Jeff Jones now leads the Atlantic 11 in times yelling at his own team after they go on a 10-0 run. (J. Jones)

10. George Washington (4-3) 63

Next: Wednesday vs. Loyola, Saturday at Syracuse.

The real George Washington would have traveled to Verizon Center by canoe. (Joshua Meredith)

Why take Metro to your game when you can just cut Swimming and Diving? (The Alex Len Bias)

11. James Madison (4-2) 55

Next: Tuesday vs. Kent State.

Rumor has it that instead of calling a play for the game-winning possession late against Penn, coach Matt Brady simply told Humpty Hitchens to “Doowutchyalike.” (Gavin Weiss)

Also receiving votes: Norfolk State 45, Loyola 35, Coppin State 5, Hampton 5, William & Mary 5, Howard 4, UMBC 3, Md.-Eastern Shore 1, Towson 1.