The Hoyas and Cavs remain the only nationally ranked programs from the area, with Georgetown at 10th in the AP and 9th in the coaches, and Virginia at 22nd in both. VCU got 2 points in the AP poll and 3 from the coaches.

In RPI matters, Georgetown — at No. 13 — and Virginia — at No. 34 — are the only top 50 programs. After that, we have VCU (83rd), Loyola (88th), Maryland (91st), George Mason (99th) and Virginia Tech (100th).

Local rankings and wry comments below.

1. Georgetown (19-5) 406 (37)

Next: Saturday at Providence.

To spice up an otherwise lackluster season of local hoops, hopefully Georgetown gets assigned to the Chinese regional in March. (Raven McMillian)

The Occupy DC movement made it's way in to the Verizon Center on Sunday when seven different Hoyas scored no more than 12 points, but no less than 7. (John Albers)

Is Hollis Thompson still waiting at the scorers table? (Tennille Campbell)

2. Virginia (19-5) 355 (2)

Next: Tuesday at Clemson, Saturday vs. No. 5 Maryland.

I'm not sure which was worse: Tony Bennett's losing by 18 to North Carolina, or his awful duet with Carrie Underwood at the Oscars.  (Gavin Weiss)

I was going to make a comment about how UVA played at UNC earlier this week, but I don't think anyone will be able to hear it over Roy Williams’s plaid sportcoat. (Kyle Minor)

3. VCU (22-5) 307 (2) 

Next: Tuesday at No. 4 George Mason, Friday vs. Northern Iowa.

The last time the Rams lost, Jeremy Lin had scored six points for the season. Total. (John Albers)


Next: Tuesday vs. No. 3 VCU, Saturday vs. Lamar.

Paul Hewett says other teams “aren’t scared” of the Patriots. Ryan Pearson's beard is now second-guessing whether people actually fear it. (Andy Minor)

All this talk about health care reform has many people wondering whether insurers would have to cover Coach Hewitt’s 4 out, 1 in motion offense. (Gavin Weiss)

5. Maryland (14-10) 218

Next: Thursday vs. Boston College, Saturday at No. 2 Virginia.

Is there any chance Stefon Diggs can play point guard? (Zach Varnauskas)

Terrell Stoglin went on a MySpace rant when he was benched in high school. (Peter Keszler)

With fans showing up to Maryland games looking like Mark Turgeon, maybe they should be more worried about the Terrapins showing up looking like the Terrapins. (Gavin Weiss)

Plumlees did everything on the court except "Zaching" after the win over Maryland. (Tennille Campbell)

i am zaching whikle i typre this righjt now, whicvh is morre diffgicult than I anticdipated (Sean McLernon)

Maryland fans working overtime this week to figure out how to blame all 32 rebounds by the Plumlees on the refs. (Ivan Snyder)

6 Loyola (19-6) 157

Next: Wednesday at Marist, Sunday vs. Boston U.

John Feinstein gave the Greyhounds Sunday paper gloss this past weekend, referring to head coach Jimmy Patsos as "Sisyphus." I looked that reference up on Wikipedia. Patsos is apparently a cutting edge transgender rapper from New Orleans. (Raven McMillian)

Followed a big win over the conference leader with a depressing loss to a middling team. I guess we know where Virginia Tech's mojo went this season. (Max Wasserman)

7 Old Dominion (16-11) 151

Next: Tuesday vs. UNC Wilmington, Saturday at Missouri State.

The Monarchs only shot 55% from the free throw line in a narrow loss to VCU, or as some call it, "8% higher than JaVale McGee." (Gavin Weiss)

Al Koken and John Feinstein were making Blaine Taylor mustache jokes on Saturday, meaning that Blaine Taylor mustache jokes are now 100 percent not-cool. (Andy Minor)

Blaine Taylor picked up a technical foul in the game against VCU, and though I'm pretty sure it wasn’t because the Monarchs were wearing pink as part of a fundraiser, I'm not positive. (John Albers)

Monarchs complete the season sweep of the Tribe. How very 18th century. (Kyle Minor)

8 Virginia Tech (14-11) 150

Next: Thursday at Florida State, Saturday vs. Georgia Tech

C.J. Barksdale started Sunday for the first time this season. But to a Barksdale, whether it’s coming off the bench or getting a spot in the starting lineup, it’s all the same. The game is the game. (Sean McLernon)

I've waited years for a post-game Greenberg-Larranaga handshake, and that one wasn't long enough. (Andy Minor)

Hokies on the bubble for the opportunity to wear their home whites on Thursday at the ACC tournament. (Mike Steele)

After getting thrashed by Miami and eking out a victory over Boston College this week, I'm not sure there is any better way to summarize this season than [Seth Greenberg facepalm].  (Kyle Minor)

This may be the first year in Greenberg's tenure that the bubble burst for Virginia Tech before Tu B'Shevat. (Ivan Snyder)

In the battle for 9th place in the ACC, the Hokies are king. (Larry Cuppy)

9. Norfolk State (18-8) 86

Next: Wednesday vs. Delaware State.

Disappointed that Adele didn’t mention the MEAC leader during any of her Grammy speeches. (Sean’s Ramblings)

Spartans' center Kyle O'Quinn looks sort of like Albert Haynesworth, if only Albert were taller, thinner, and good at something. (John Albers)

Hope to get their revenge against Delaware State this week in the Battle for US-13. Winner gets ownership of the toll booths for the next year. (Max Wasserman)

10. American (16-9) 53

Next: Wednesday vs. Navy, Saturday at Army.

Shot 32 percent from two-point and 36-percent from three-point range in loss to Holy Cross. I thought shots got easier the closer you got to the basket. (Tennille Campbell)

If you can't beat a team whose star player is named Dave Dudzinski, maybe you really don't deserve to be in the A-11. Then again, this is the team that features Tony Wroblickly. (Ivan Snyder)

11. Richmond (13-13) 29

Next: Wednesday at Saint Louis, Saturday vs. Charlotte.

The Spiders are ranked in this poll every week and George Washington beat them twice. Rex Grossman thinks that makes GW a “damn good 9-16.” (Danny Cole)

Getting itsy-er and bitsy-er with every passing week. (John Albers)

We really should start reducing this poll to ten teams. (Max Wasserman)

Another week where Richmond makes the poll with a .500 record, another week where Steinberg complains about his voters paying attention. I've looked for a 12th school to knock UR out, but she just isn’t out there. (Jake Leffler)

Also receiving votes: Radford 9, George Washington 7, James Madison 6, Liberty 3, Towson 2, Coppin State 1, Hampton 1, Mount St. Mary’s 1, VMI 1.