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So if you follow local college basketball, fancy seeing your name in print, can remember to choose 10 teams once a week and are blindingly hilarious, please do submit your name here.

As for this week’s rankings, bear in mind they were compiled before Georgetown suffered its third loss of the season Monday night. The Hoyas began the week 11th in both major polls, while Virginia was 16th/17th. No other area team received a single vote.

Also, only Georgetown, Virginia and Virginia Tech appear in the top 90 of the RPI. The top 90!

Results below.

1. Georgetown (13-3) 443 (40)

Next: Sunday at St. John’s

Hoyas suffered their second loss at West Virginia, delighting all the Mountaineer fans who drove their homes out to see the game. (Max Wasserman)

West Virginia stripped the Hoyas of their 11 game win streak faster than an Appalachian mountain. (Peter Keszler)

I do feel bad though for all the Lexington Brand sofas that had to perish in the wake of Georgetown’s loss at West Virginia. (Gheorghe The Blog)

2. Virginia (14-1) 381 (4)

Next: Thursday at Duke

This week’s headline -- “UVa cracks top 20” -- has them right right on schedule for next week’s headline: “Duke Defeat Demoralizes Cavs.” (Jamie Jones)

The consensus third- best team in a two-team league. (Peter Keszler)

Are the Cavaliers playing in the shot-clock era? (John Albers)

With wins over Oregon, Michigan, LSU and Miami, Virginia basketball is the new BCS champion. (Mike Steele)

Virginia has allowed the second-fewest points per game in the country, giving up less than 48 points per game at home. That doesn’t surprise this voter, who remembers from his college years just how difficult it can be to score in Charlottesville. (Jake Leffler)

3. VCU (11-5) 305

Next: Thursday vs. James Madison, Saturday at Delaware

The fact that Tim Tebow’s completion percentage was higher than the Rams’ free throw percentage against Drexel did not bode well for VCU. (John Albers)

4. Virginia Tech (11-4) 292 (1)

Next: Tuesday vs. Florida State, Saturday at Boston College

Loss to Wake Forest keeps Hokies on the newly named “Seth Greenberg Last 4 Out” list. (Andy Minor)

It’s not even funny anymore. Now it’s just sad. (Max Wasserman)

Loss to Wake does not bode well for Hokies making it back where they belong this year: the Bubble. (Ivan Snyder)

Hokies fall to Wake Forest in their ACC opener, but at least they didn’t try any fake punts. (John Albers)

Anyone ever get the feeling Seth Greenberg works on his “we wuz jobbed” speech every morning in front of the mirror? Probably hogs the family bathroom from Jan 1- March 15 each year. (Gheorghe The Blog)

5. George Mason (12-4) 210

Next: Thursday at Drexel, Saturday at James Madison

Defeat of Georgia State shows rumors of their despise has been greatly exaggerated. That, or Paul Hewitt can only beat teams from Georgia. (Jamie Jones)

Undefeated in the ultra-competitive CAA. Plus, Ryan Pearson looks like the bad guy in an upcoming remake of Stallone’s “Lock Up.” (Gheorghe The Blog)

6. Richmond (10-7) 203

Next: Saturday vs. Temple

Would it be too much to ask for Richmond to sign a walk-on named Peter Parker? (John Albers)

7. Maryland (10-4) 185

Next: Wednesday vs. Wake Forest, Sunday vs. Georgia Tech

The voodoo curse that Debbie Yow put on Maryland is still in full effect. (Ivan Snyder)

The additions of Alex Len and Pe’Shon Howard means the Terps will now probably win more ACC games than the football team did. (Peter Keszler)

Season takeaways so far: Teams should recruit more 7 footers. (Jamie Jones)

Alex Len is Lil’ Ghita Muresan. Minus the short-lived movie career. And commercial comedic brilliance. (Gheorghe The Blog)

8. Old Dominion (8-8) 118

Next: Wednesday at Delaware, Saturday vs. Hofstra

The Monarchs crushed Towson to drop the Tigers to 0-16, which tells us hey, it could always be worse for the Wizards. (Gavin Weiss)

Extended Towson’s losing streak to an NCAA-record 36 games. That will surely be an RPI booster come CBI bubble talk. (Brendan Darr)

So 6-foot-9 New Zealander Stuart McEwen has enrolled at Old Dominion, begging the question: Is there an Old Zealand? (John Albers)

9. Loyola (11-4) 103

Next: Friday at Fairfield, Sunday at Iona

Last time Loyola was this good, was well, I don’t actually know. Have they ever been good? (Gheorghe The Blog)

Having surpassed the 100 win mark, Greyhounds coach Jimmy Patsos has moved on to the challenge of eating 50 raw eggs. (John Albers)

10. American (10-6) 97

Next: Wednesday at Lehigh, Saturday vs. Holy Cross

American announced they will be inducting Gary Williams into their Hall of Fame, and honor him by raising a dripping wet suit to the rafters. (John Albers)

Continues to be the best team based on Massachusetts avenue, edging out the Colombian embassy and the Cosmos Club. (Jamie Jones)

11. Norfolk State (12-5) 43

Next: Saturday at Morgan State

Forward Riley Maye attended a place called “The Peddie School,” which I really hope is not connected to Second Mile. (Gavin Weiss)

Like Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Sr. Brandon Wheeless is from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Unlike Jake the Snake, Wheeless does not carry a snake with him in arenas. (Sean’s Ramblings)

Given the lack of votes and pith given to MEAC schools, we can add the Atlantic 11 to Stuff White People Like. (Max Wasserman)

After wins over Navy and Maryland-Eastern Shore last week, Spartans celebrated their coastal supremacy over the State of Maryland. Next up: the Strait of Hormuz. (Ivan Snyder)

Fans of Spartans are called Laconophiles. The more you know [rainbow shooting star]. (John Albers)

Also receiving votes: The Wizards.