United supporters, of course, have at times felt powerless during the nine-million-year search for a non-leased non-crumbling venue to host what was once MLS’s premier franchise. There is the Keep D.C. United effort, which has tried to facilitate constituent calls and petition drives, aggregated stadium news and supported in-stadium signage. Might as well add some t-shirts to the mix.

As for the stadium search, this was the latest from Steven Goff, earlier this month:

On the topic of the stadium search, [President Kevin] Payne said: “There’s nothing new to report. In Maryland, the process is that there will be discussions during this [general assembly] session about some money to further study the stadium opportunity in Baltimore. We’re not the ones doing that; that’s something the Maryland Stadium Authority will be pursuing as part of their study process.

“Here in D.C., we continue to talk with a number of government leaders. We had a meeting last week with the chairman of the Council to talk about process. We’re confident that the District of Columbia and its leadership wants us to remain here and wants to find a way to work with us to accomplish that. We continue to work on parallel charts.”

Asked if the city’s budget surplus might be applied toward a stadium project, Payne dead-panned: “They didn’t call us and offer us the surplus.”

No, I don’t guess they did.

Anyhow, I’ll probably wear one of these t-shirts, if that doesn’t violate any objectivity clauses.