(Photo by Jorge Gadala-Maria.)

Steven Goff was there to write about it, and his next-day report included this passage:

Large puddles formed on the field, thunder crashed overhead and lightning flashed nearby. ABC switched to a tape of last year's All-Star Game. A dozen fans ran onto the field — one of whom was arrested — and slid along the surface as security personnel gave chase.

And this gave rise to a tradition among some segments of D.C. United’s fan base. Lightning might chase players off the RFK field, and it might send some fans sprinting for cover, but the Barra Brava and some of their brave friends will not leave.

The tradition was tested again on Saturday, when United’s friendly with Paris Saint-Germain was delayed for 45 minutes due to lightning.

“Fans, due to severe weather please seek shelter under cover on the course,” read the message on the scoreboard, seen here.

Some fans, chiefly in the Barra Brava’s section, chose to ignore this message.

(Images via the Barra on Facebook (by Jorge Gadala-Maria), @cboehm and @HarlemKnite. Thanks to Big Rob for the background.)