(Nick Wass/AP)

The veteran defensive tackle also is one of the best quotes in the Washington locker room, and he was at it again on Wednesday when he called into the 106.7 The Fan show co-hosted by his ex-teammate, LaVar Arrington. Chad Dukes, the co-host, asked Cofield about the season-opening win over the Giants, which is when he said this:

“That was a great win for the fans. The fans were tired of that losing streak, and it’s the way you want to get started. We feel like this is a new era of Redskins football.We’ve got a bunch of new faces around here, Coach Shanahan finally has his guys in, and we’re excited about this season. You know, if we continue to do the things that we’ve been doing, we feel like we’re playoff-bound for sure.”

Playoff-bound for sure. That’s fun.

Then Arrington asked if there were any similarities between the 2011 Skins and the Giants team that won Cofield a Super Bowl ring.

“One of the big things I think is the leadership, and the mix of young guys and veteran guys,” he said. “On that team, we had our Michael Strahan and our Antonio Pierce that were veterans, but we also had young guys like myself, guys that were first- and second-year guys. And that mix of talent, that mix of young hungry guys and veteran guys who know the game and are great leaders, that’s the same kind of mix we’ve got going on in this locker room, so that’s one thing that jumps out at me.

“Coach Shanahan and Coach Coughlin are both very driven guys, both very accomplished coaches in this league. That’s very similar. And one big thing is the fans. The fans are passionate, our home-field advantage is great just like it was in New York. So there are definitely some similarities, but we’ve got a long way to go.”

Right-o. Long way. And yet any time any mention of the Redskins says the words “playoff-bound,” I will blog them, long way or no.