(Evan Vucci/AP)

Barry Cofield likes D.C. better than New York

To Dan Hellie, when asked about the differences between his new address and old.

It’s a lot more pleasant in D.C.,” Cofield said. “Just the people, the atmosphere, a lot more space, it’s a little bit slower tempo. It still has everything that you’d want in a place that you’re gonna live, but it’s not as chaotic, I guess I’ll say that. There’s less chaos here, and I very much prefer it.”

Bruce Allen is not patient

To Dave Ross, when asked if he’s telling Redskins fans to have patience.

“Allens don’t use that word patience very often,” the GM said. “What we’re looking for out of this team is for it to come together as a team. I’m really proud of the character of this football tam, and I think the fans are gonna really love the way they’re gonna fight for 60 minutes every game.”

Fred Davis loves offensive lines

To Larry Michael, when asked about newcomers on the offensive line.

“You can’t be anything in this league without an o-line,” Davis said. “We’ve seen it — the quarterback getting sacked plenty of times, no running game, and when you have that, you can’t get downfield, and you can’t throw the ball. It’s almost impossible. With the new o-line and the new guys coming in, the receivers coming in, and the running backs, Torain coming back, a lot of new guys, it’s just a rebuilding year player-wise. And just the coaches knowing what they want, expecting more the second year in the offense. They put in extra stuff and they expect more out of us, and we expect more out of ourselves.”

(Davis also said he “just feel(s) like a different person...mentally, just becoming more of a student of the game, studying more, just being smarter about the things I do.”)

Santana Moss on his quarterbacks

To reporters, when asked about how Rex Grossman and John Beck look.

“You know, it’s same old same,” Moss said. “ I feel that we’re fortunate to have all three of those guys — K.C., John and Rex. And this preseason is gonna be something that we all can go out there and look forward to when it comes to who’s going to take over.”