Talk about surreal: here’s a Baseball Tonight segment on how promising the Nats are.

“Jim Riggleman is the perfect guy, he’s weathered the storm,” Rick Sutcliffe said. “Ninety-three losses last year; they’re at .500 right now, and what was that guy’s name, Strasburg? They’ve got a chance to get REAL good in the very near future.”

“This team is growing up together,” Barry Larkin said. “You talked about them maturing; they’re growing up together. Hopefully they will be able to keep those guys together and in Washington.”

“They have a little bit of money, too, when it comes to the free-agent market in the offseason, should they ned a player to push them towards what they believe might be the postseason next season,” Karl Ravech said.

“Playoffs?” I said. “Playoffs?