The man who ran onto the field at Camden Yards on opening day in Batman undies and a cape has become a bit of a celebrity.

“It was my birthday, and I just love to make people laugh and get them going,” Mark Harvey told WJZ in Baltimore. “So I was like, what’s better than to go on opening day and do it.”

Harvey went on quite a tear before security was able to drag him down.

“I don’t recommend doing it,” he said. “Trust me, they tackle you hard.”

Apparently running on the field in Batman underwear and a cape is frowned upon. The Orioles have banned Mark Harvey “for life.”

Despite the banning, a “miscommunication” between the team and law enforcement earned him a free pass out of jail.

“They said all the charges were dropped, which I was surprised,” Harvey said. “I asked them twice, like, are you sure?”

Giving the law two extra chances to charge you after you’ve made them type “Batman underwear” on an official police report isn’t the smartest move.

After all was said and done, Harvey indicated that he might answer the Bat Signal again soon.

“You know what? Batman might be back.”

(via Big League Stew)