I’m not certain if it’s the first time a school has dedicated its ad to a player, but I’m pretty sure that no other university has paid for the chance to congratulate the Redskins on a draft pick.

Here’s the ad text, in all its glory (thanks to @_JakeRussell for the tip):

Your new friends at Baylor University applaud your choice of Robert Griffin III as QB.

Robert has attached his name to more than 30 football records at Baylor, also bringing back to our campus the Davey O’Brien and Manning awards, national player of the year honors and, of course, the Heisman.

There’s more to Baylor than excellent athletics, and there’s also more to Robert. He received his undergraduate degree in three years and was on his way to a graduate degree when his love of the game called him to Washington.

And just as he found ways to give back in the Waco community, you are sure to find him in the DC community, serving others and mentoring youth.

That’s what we love about RG3.

He personifies the Baylor University story. Baylor has been committed to educating young men and women for worldwide leadership and service since 1845.

Expect to see a bit of our green and gold in FedExField as Robert continues to make Baylor proud. We invite you to discover more about us.


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