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This came as fourth-round draft pick Kirk Cousins was playing brilliantly while rallying a bunch of reserves to 21 fourth-quarter points.

“Kirk Cousins, let’s put it this way,” Miller said. “I hate quarterback controversies, but after how he’s played so far, people are gonna say that.”

No. N-O. Nyet. Nein. False. Incorrect. After the Redskins traded 15,000 draft picks for Robert Griffin III, named him the starter before training camp began, put his face on buses and t-shirts, and said he will do things that NFL quarterbacks have never done, no one is going to say that. No one in the world.

RGIII might have some competition. Rookie QB Kirk Cousins: 15/19 216yds 3TDs. bit.ly/QNEsi1

— NFL (@nfl) August 19, 2012

Well, besides the NFL’s official Twitter account. Which has 3.7 million followers. But no one else.

(Miller, it turns out, is a Michigan State radio analyst on the Spartan Sports Network, and has long been a Cousins fan.

“People thought I was crazy when this kid came out,” Miller also said on Saturday. “Because here’s what I know about Kirk Cousins: he can audible, he can pocket pass, he’s won the most games the last three years in the Big 10, and he is a sharp, sharp quarterback.”)

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