Sept 1: The team issued a press release, saying “The Washington Redskins announced today plans to break ground for an indoor practice facility at Redskins Park. The air structure will be built over a full size football field and is expected to be completed later this fall.”

Sept. 7: “Oh, it’ll be done. It’ll be done by November 1st, and that means it’ll be done by January 2nd,” Mike Shanahan said, after an off-site practice. “No, hopefully it’ll be done November 1st.”

Sept. 15: Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder and senior vice president Tony Wyllie said that weather had caused the delay to the bubble construction, but added that the team had all the permits needed.

Sept. 29: The Post reported that the team’s construction permit application was still under review. “We made the announcement about our plans, and we’re still going to build the bubble,” Wyllie said.

Nov. 1: No bubble.

Nov. 2: CSN Washington’s Ryan O’Halloran posted this image on his Twitter account. Still no bubble, from the looks of things. Least the weather’s been nice.