There have been, and will be, lots of stories about the important D.C. political types who are in love with the Nats. Patrick Hruby and Sports On Earth took about the best stab thus far at that storyline this week; it’s a lengthy tour of official Washington and its baseball obsession, from Wolf Blitzer and Kathleen Sebelius to Al Hunt and Luke Russert; from George Will and James Carville to Walter Dellinger and Charles Krauthammer. There’s also this passage:

“You know who is a real secret fan and goes incognito to games?” Hunt says. “Ben Bernanke. He goes to a bunch of games, in a baseball cap and jeans. You can barely recognize him.”

Now, it just so happens that a friend of mine — I know important people too!!!! — had just been talking to me this week about what a Nats nut the Fed Chairman is, how he can’t get enough. And if he’s a secret fan, he should probably stop going down on the field and giving Nats-related interviews to ABC News and stuff.

Indeed, a quick online image search shows that the AP has captured Bernanke hanging out at Nats Park at least three times in recent months: during games against the Marlins, Giants and Phillies.

Still, I don’t know if he’s gotten to enjoy gems like this, which also comes from Hruby’s story.

“I took Alan [Greenspan] to a game at RFK once,” Hunt says. “Good seats. Behind third base. Some drunk guy was sitting behind us.”

Hunt laughs.

“So, Greenspan is the Chairman of the Fed, in charge of interest rates, and the guy behind us isn’t even paying attention to the game. He’s just yelling, “keep ‘em low, Alan! Keep ‘em low!”

More images below.

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