DeAngelo Hall isn’t the only Redskin willing to wager on his speed. Brandon Banks, Niles Paul and Terrence Austin got into a Twitter debate over who would win in a head-to-head race. For some reason, they decided that 20 yards would be the magic distance.

The issue came up after Niles Paul mentioned that he’d gained some weight (healthy weight, he says) in the offseason.

@Niles_Paul @speedybanks16 and then u woke up

— Terrence Austin (@Terrence_Austin) April 2, 2012

@Niles_Paul @speedybanks16 number 1 April fools was yesterday and number two 15 yards is even worse for YOU .. But I’m down lol

— Terrence Austin (@Terrence_Austin) April 2, 2012

@Niles_Paul @terrence_austin BET!!!

— Brandon Banks (@speedybanks16) April 2, 2012

One hundred dollars is much more reasonable than $100 thousand. I don’t see any reason not to get Hall involved and make this happen. Besides, a Twitter bet is binding, right?