Former Colts President Bill Polian — now working as an ESPN analyst — drafted Pierre Garcon in the sixth round of the 2008 draft, so he’s probably as good a talking head as any to talk about Garcon signing with the Redskins.

“There’s a lot to like,” Polian said Tuesday afternoon. “It’s a great signing by the Redskins, and this is a big blow to the Colts — they really wanted to re-sign him. He’s got great size, great speed, played at Division III Mount Union College, now just coming into his own in the NFL.

“He’s young, 26 years old. World-class speed; he can go deep. And he’s 6 feet, well above 205 pounds. He needs refinement with route running, but in the West Coast offense, where they look for big receivers who can go across the middle catch the ball and run with it after the catch, Pierre Garcon can do that. He is a perfect fit for the West Coast offense....

“With [Robert Griffin III’s] ability to throw that ball deep off the bootleg, going to his left, turn around and throw it 55 yards deep down the field on the other side of the field, Pierre will be there to get it. That’s a huge, huge weapon for them.”

“This is big time,” ESPN’s Mark Schlereth added. “You can use [Fred Davis and Chris Cooley] in the middle of the field, you’ve got a Garcon on the outside. As you said, very talented young player. Sometimes lacks concentration, sometimes has some drops in there, but he’s an explosive guy. Perfect for that offense.”

(Via Kuharsky)