Well, MASN’s Bob Carpenter evidently read that piece of work, because he discussed it on-air during Wednesday night’s broadcast.

“The last time I checked, the standings or a team’s won-loss record were not affected by what various media members think of them...or the guy from ESPN the other day that said the Nats are trying to lose because they’re not gonna make Stephen Strasburg throw a million innings this year,” Carpenter said in the top of the ninth.

“Somebody said that?!?” asked F.P. Santangelo, who evidently needs to read the Bog more often.

“Yeah, because they’re pulling back Strasburg,” Carpenter explained. “Evidently, he’s decided that Stephen Strasburg is only pitching a certain number of innings, when Mike Rizzo has never really come out and said that.”

“They will be monitoring the situation,” Santangelo said.

 “Let’s not report the news, let’s make some news!” Carpenter said. “Big headline: The Washington Nationals are trying to lose.”

(In fairness, that was my headline, not ESPN.com’s headline.)

 “Well, I put Hot Stuff in my headset tonight, and it’s been working all night long,” Santangelo said.

You know what I’d like to hear them discuss next? Rob Dibble!!!!!

Bill Cowher

In other news, Bill Cowher was on 106.7 The Fan with the Junkies on Wednesday, and he started like this:

“How bout those Nationals!” he said. “I’m a Nationals fan now.  Who’d ever’ve thought? I mean, they’re coming out of nowheres. I love that fact. You’ve got the Capitals coming off a game 7, and now the Nationals, and then you’ve got the Redskins with RG. You guys got it all going on in Washington.”

Storen on H-Rod

In other news, Drew Storen talked to MASN’s Kristina Akra about H-Rod.

“I think he’ s gonna be all right,” Storen said. “I mean, his stuff is through the roof, way better than anybody else’s in the league. But it’s just a matter of applying it in the right way.”

I like that quote because it’s pretty provocative, and also because it’s the second time this week we’ve gotten to talk about a Nats pitcher and proper application.