When the governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, announced this morning that the Redskins would be moving their training camp to Richmond next year, he released a statement and attempted to plant a big old Commonwealth flag on the team.

“Virginia considers the Redskins our team,” McDonnell said. “The team is based here. The team trains here. The players live here. Virginians root for the Redskins on the field, and off the field the team contributes greatly to the economy and culture of the Commonwealth. Virginia is committed to keeping the Redskins right here in our state for years to come, and today we’ve taken a significant step towards accomplishing that goal. ”

Obviously many of you were quick to point out that the Redskins play their games in Maryland. And that their roots are in the District. And that moving camp from one Virginia location to another is a lateral move as far as geographic ownership goes.

But whatever. As one tweeter said, “Hail to the Virginia and sometimes Landover Redskins!”

We’ll have more from the Governor’s fun live afternoon press conference (my feed cut out as he was bragging about marrying a Redskins cheerleader), but the Insider has more on what the move means in the meantime.