In addition to talking to Tarik for 20 minutes on Wednesday, Bruce Boudreau did a mini media tour, with several radio, television and print interviews.

But this wasn’t exactly a scorched-earth Jim Riggleman media tour. Boudreau kept calling the Caps “we,” and even suggested to Mike Wise that he had to be fired for the good of hockey in D.C.

“We were struggling, and I didn’t think we were getting better,” Boudreau told Wise on 106.7 The Fan (audio below). And I told him that. I said I tried everything George, and nothing was working. I was more concerned, quite frankly, about the state of the team, and hockey in D.C. We built something pretty good here, and I didn’t want it to deteriorate.”

Wise also asked Boudreau about coming up short of his team goals.

“I never did get to the Stanley Cup, and that’s obviously something that’s gonna bug me,” he said. “I think Alex, when he scored 65 goals, was as good as any person or any player’s gonna get for a long time, as far as goal-scoring goes. But that team will get there. I mean, people sometimes doubt them, but they’re gonna bounce back. They’re in a rut right now, and Dale will get them going. We give up on people too quickly, sometimes, and I think they’re doing that in this case.”

He was talking about pundits giving up on the team, not the team giving up on him.