“Raise your hand if you ran to bed and pulled the sheets over your head when NYR scored that goal with 50 secs left,” Luke Russert wrote late Wednesday night, after the Caps pulled yet another cardiac-challenging performance.

“Oh my God,” professional pessimist Danny Rouhier wrote after that Rangers goal.

“It can’t ever be easy. Can it,” ESPN’s Bram Weinstein wrote.

“Here we go again,” the Russian Machine gents wrote.

And so on.

But here’s who seems to be pretty chill: the goalie, Braden Holtby. This has been remarked upon dozens of times, but hey, his pre-game routine was spotlighted by NBC on Wednesday night, so why not show it again?

“This is a little example of what he does before the games,” Eddie Olczyk said as the camera showed Holtby in the above pose, barely moving for about 10 seconds.

“He focuses, he’s intense, and he’s just studying. It’s just visualization. Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres does something very similar. But it’s worked for Holtby. Just unbelievable to watch him do it the entire playoffs.”

It is kind of trippy, I do agree. Just moments after the game ended, Holtby conducted yet another chill interview with Pierre McGuire, ending it by saying “Thank you very much, Pierre.”

Totally Zen.

Oh, here’s one more person who’s still not Zen: his mom.

“I wouldn’t want to be the goalie’s mom,” Olczyk observed, as the camera showed her going through worry calisthenics. “You think she’s not going through some calories tonight? Whoa!”

See Game 6 mom reactions below.

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