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Well, add another one to the list. If you’re an AHL goalie, and you park your car in an airport’s daily lot (thinking you’re only getting called up for a day or two), but then you seize ownership of the starting role and stay for more than a week and seem to have landed with the big-league team for the foreseeable future, don’t bother getting anyone to move your car. Because you don’t want to mess with karma.

“I mean, to get three games with this call-up was more than I expected already, so I’m just trying to take it game by game and make the most of it,” Holtby told Ben Raby and Ken Sabourin on the team’s radio network after Sunday’s win.

Holtby was called up a week ago Sunday; here’s how Katie Carrera summed up the team’s current goaltending situation.

Since then, Holtby has gone 2-0-1 in three starts, allowing four goals on 89 shots for a .955 save percentage and 1.29 goals against average.

Vokoun is expected to be able to play again this week, but it is possible Holtby’s performance may prompt the Capitals to keep all three goaltenders in Washington.

And so on the postgame show, Holtby was asked whether he packed enough clothes for such an indefinite stay.

“It’s funny, actually,” he said. “I got told [Saturday] night we were playing in Hershey...to go up Sunday morning. And I was basically told, See you at the start of the week. Basically, just go up there for a couple of days.

“It was an early flight, so I thought I’d chance it with day-to-day parking at the airport in Harrisburg. So it’s collecting a pretty big paycheck there right now. I don’t want to tell somebody to go get it, don’t want to change things up. I brought two suits and a pair of jeans and a shirt, so I had to go shopping for a bit to make sure I had a few for the week.”