(Via the Internet.)

Or at least, a recording artist.

Via Lloydminster.net, via Japers Rink:

As an artist, Tami has released and written two albums with singles doing very well across Canada, one video and several TV specials.  She was Saskatchewan’s Female Vocalist for 1996 and also accumulated many nominations in different categories. Tami and her band, Walkin’ After Midnight (Saskatchewan’s Back-up band of the year), have travelled extensively through Western Canada playing at different venues with artists including Charlie Major, Jason McCoy, Lisa Brokop and many more. Tami has definitely established a name for herself as an artist in Canada.

Saskatchewan’s Female Vocalist for 1996? The front woman for Saskatchewan’s Back-up band of the year? Can this lady get any more amazing?

More importantly, why have I never interviewed her?

I’ll tell you who has interviewed her: the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.

“The first couple games of playoffs were harder on the nerves,” Tami Holtby said last month. “Since then, it's been an open door at the Holtby house for all the games. We’ve had friends and family come for games and it’s been just great. It’s been a lot of fun.”

If she isn’t doing offseason gigs at the Black Cat all summer, something is wrong with the world.

(Speaking of music and the Caps, Mike Vogel recorded this nugget from the Chili Peppers show Thursday night: “Very last words from VC stage tonight, from RHCP drummer Chad Smith: ‘Hope the Capitals win the [bleeping] Cup!’ ” Recording artists have to stick together.)

(Thanks to Japers)


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