“Lol I love how y'all hate me!!!! Shout to the DMV,” Banks then responded. “Thanks to the few of y'all that rock wit me!! Y'all hate on successful ppl don't understand that at all!!!”

Among the critics was 106.7 The Fan host Holden Kushner, who wrote “If you are a fan/player of any team bragging about a regular season win (or 2) over the Giants, you are a dumbass.”

(Kathy Willens/AP)

“I tweeted that we swept the Super Bowl champs,” Banks told Kushner and Mike Wise. “I see a lot of people took it the wrong way — of course, that’s what Twitter do — but by me tweeting that I was just saying what kind of team that we can be if, for instance, we beat the Packers the year they won. I just tweeted that by saying what kind of team we can be, how we can play football, how we need to stay consistent. That’s all I meant by that tweet.”

Kushner then said it sounded like Banks was bragging about beating the Giants.

“I wasn’t bragging at all,” Banks said. “I was going for the Giants, I wanted a team from the NFC East to win. It made me feel better that a team that we were capable of going out there and competing with and beating, that they won a Super Bowl, something that I want to do in my career.”

So Wise then asked if seeing the Giants win made Banks think the Redskins “could have been the Super Bowl champion.”

“Of course,” he said. “If we beat the teams that we were supposed to beat. A lot of games we played came down to the last minute. For instance, the Patriots game, and they’re in the Super Bowl. We lost by a Santana Moss touchdown getting called back. It was a close game. By me tweeting that, I’m just saying what kind of team that we’re capable of being.”

And Kushner then asked what happened in the team’s 11 losses.

“A lot of games we did ourselves [in],” Banks said. “We made a lot of mistakes this year, we didn’t make enough plays. Of course myself, I didn’t make enough plays to help us do that.”

And finally Banks was asked about the responses he had gotten on Twitter.

“I mean, I really didn’t read everything, but somebody called me and told me that some of you guys on the radio was bashing me for tweeting that,” he said. “But it’s all good, because that’s what Twitter is for, that’s what y’all do, that’s what radio guys do. I mean, y’all got to get paid, too. But I think people take Twitter too seriously and take things out of perspective and they don’t really know the situation that some people are in or what people are really trying to say....

“I was just saying that basically we were capable of beating the Super Bowl teams or being in that Super Bowl game, competing for a Super Bowl ring, and that’s something I’d like to do. And I felt good that the Giants won yesterday, I was rooting for the Giants, I know a couple of guys on the Giants, so I wanted them to win. And like I said, when they won it made me feel better about how we’re building and what direction the Redskins are going.”

And the hating?

“I mean, that’s the life we live, that’s the life of pro athletes,” Banks said. “If you ain’t winning, then hey, nobody likes you. I mean, everybody can hate me all they want. I know deep down inside I’m trying as hard as I can, I want to win just as bad as everybody else, and I want to contribute just as bad as everybody else. So it is what it is, that’s just the life we live, we’ve got to have alligator skin to put up with stuff like that.”