I haven’t thought too much about Brandon Lloyd’s Redskins tenure in recent weeks, but somehow, those dark, dark days became a major focus of the free agent receiver’s appearance on Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable.

This all started because Lloyd was talking about getting in trouble as a high schooler, or something like that. It was also mostly said in a jesting style, with much laughter. Dialog:

DLB: You spent some time in Joe Gibbs’s principal office, didn’t you?

Lloyd: Oh, a lot of times in Joe Gibbs’s principal office.

DLB: What happened there? Did you not get along with him? I mean, you’ve rejuvenated your career since then.

Lloyd: Yeah. Let me tell you something: I’m the same person, personality-wise. I more acted uncharacteristically in Washington, just because of the lack of opportunity.

DLB: How did you stand up to him? How did you act out?

Lloyd: Well, I just voiced my opinion. You know, I voiced my opinion, and was disrespectful. And obviously, if I had to do it again [long pause] I mean, I’d probably do the same thing. [Laughter]

DLB: I thought you’d say if I had to do it again, I’d do it differently. But you wouldn’t do it differently, you would act out the same way, because you didn’t feel like you were being treated correctly, right?

Lloyd: Correct. So I’d do that again. I’d probably have a little better tact. Hopefully if I had to do it again I’d have more skills.

DLB: Here’s a do-over right now. Pretend I’m Joe Gibbs. Go ahead, let’s hear the more tactful version of how you would deliver this.

Lloyd: Instead of throw me the [bleeping] ball, I’d say could you please incorporate me more in the offense a little more this week, Mr. Joe Gibbs?

DLB: That is mature, that is polished.

Lloyd: Very mature, very polished. See, I’ve practiced that hundreds of times in my own head.

DLB: And he still wouldn’t have played you that way either.

Lloyd: No. That was the jacked up part about it.

(Thanks to whomever sent me this clip; I lost the name somehow.)