(Evan Vucci/AP)

From Mike Jones’s account:

As the Redskins neared the end of their first practice session of the offseason, the team began 7-on-7 drills. Quarterback Robert Griffin III unleashed a long pass intended for receiver Pierre Garçon near the 50-yard line of their indoor practice facility, and both the wideout and cornerback Brandyn Thompson went up for the ball. Shanahan was standing with his back to the play, watching other drills.

Garçon and Thompson both collided with the coach as they tumbled to the ground, and Shanahan lay motionless on the field for several minutes.

By Tuesday, the incident had evidently progressed to the point where jokes could be made, so Thompson was on ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room, to face several Shanahan-related questions.

“Well, I tipped the ball, and then I ran right into a person,” Thompson explained. “And when it really sunk in was when you kind of looked down and you see who you hit, and then you’re like, man. Of all the people to hit out here, I had to hit him. It was definitely a nerve-racking feeling, but I was definitely happy to see him get up.”

Brian Mitchell asked Thompson to assess Shanahan’s toughness in taking a hit; “I mean, he didn’t see it coming at all,” Thompson said. “So I’ve got to give him the tough guy pass, because that’s like getting hit with something out of nowhere. So you’ve got to give him some credit.”

And Thompson was asked how his teammates have reacted.

“I caught a lot of grief for it,” the cornerback said. “Obviously it was an unfortunate situation. Just two guys out there competing, and ran into the boss man. Never want to do that.”

(Quotes taken from live radio; any minor discrepancies will be corrected.)