But there will also be zillions of stories and video pieces about the charming off-field aspects of the team that are old news to us but perhaps novel to casual baseball fans. Like Teddy Roosevelt.

Of course, the team could pre-empt those stories by having Teddy win his first race sometime before the end of the regular season. Ha.

In any case, I now present a recent discussion of Teddy’s epic losing streak from Fox Sports South’s coverage of the Nats-Braves series. This began when a foul ball down the left-field line on Monday night nearly plunked Teddy, who was hobnobbing with fans. Color analyst Joe Simpson got things started.

Simpson: Almost got Teddy. You see Teddy down there in the distance. Better duck that big head.

Caray: Maybe if it’d hit him he’d win the race, for crying out loud.

Caray: I can’t believe Teddy Roosevelt has not won the presidents race yet.

Simpson: Well, they ran the other way tonight. First time we’ve seen that. They usually run along the right -field line; today they ran to the left-field line. He shouldn’t have told the other presidents that that’s what they were doing tonight.

Caray: I understand he’s 0 for 500.

Simpson: Wow.

Caray: You know the curse of the Billy Goat with the Cubs? Maybe we can start the curse of Teddy Roosevelt.

Caray: We could say that the Nationals will NEVER EVER win a World Series until Teddy Roosevelt wins a presidents race. They haven’t yet.

Hey, I’m on board. The Curse of Teddy. Someone make it end.

(Via @scviadc)